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Halo 4 Weapons Galore

343 Industries has released a look at all of the UNSC weapons that will be available in Halo 4‘s multiplayer.

Many familiar and popular veteran weapons will be making a comeback, but a few new toys will also grace the arsenal. In what seems like the absence of everyone’s favorite head-shot-gimme pistol, the most recent iteration fires single shot exploding rounds capable of destroying a warthog. Other hopeful mainstays include a light machine gun called the SAW capable of draining a 72 round clip in just a few seconds, and a railgun that fire explosive rounds like a chargeable shotgun.

343i has yet to show off the alien weapons that will be available, but the time-honored Halo mutliplayer still seems intact and ready to exploit.

Halo 4 is the first game in the series being totally developed by 343i, so the pressure is on to finish this generation on a high note. A couple of spin-offs, expansion packs, and sub-sequels have put a damper on the blockbuster franchise as of late, so here’s to hoping they can get it back on track.

Halo 4 is the highlight of Microsoft’s holiday line-up and will be released on November 6, 2012 exclusively for the Xbox 360.

[via Destructoid]

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