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Group Intends to Block Google Fine Over Liability Issue

by Brandon Russell | August 9, 2012August 9, 2012 2:00 pm PST

google-dont-be-evilOne major detail of the FTC’s decision to fine Google $22.5 million was that the search giant didn’t have to admit liability. This isn’t sitting well with non-profit group Consumer Watchdog.

When we covered the initial fine at the end of July, U.S. regulators found Google guilty of knowingly collecting user data through Apple’s Safari without consent. But the ruling didn’t require the search giant to admit fault, so Consumer Wathdog wants to block the settlement altogether, citing FTC Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch, the only opposer against the decision in the FTC, who called the ruling “unprecedented.”

Consumer Watchdog sent out a press release on Thursday about its intentions, so it’ll likely take a few days before we hear whether or not there will be any reconsideration. Do you want Google to admit it collected private user data, or are you happy with just a fine?

[via Electronista]

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