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Exposed: 132 Page Document Shows Samsung Tried to Copy iPhone UI

samsung v apple trial

Samsung’s basically getting slammed in its trial against Apple. Recently, court documents revealed that Samsung admitted it would be easy to copy the iPhone and that its TouchWiz icons are basically ripoffs from those in iOS. Now, a fresh 132 page document shows further evidence that Samsung wanted to steal elements from the iPhone for its Galaxy S smartphone in 2010.

In the image above, for example, you can see that Samsung was comparing an early version of its TouchWiz UI to iOS. Samsung noticed that its icons appeared flat when compared to those in Apple’s mobile operating system. Its icons weren’t curved or fluid, either. To its credit, however, Samsung also suggested that its designers “remove a feeling that [the] iPhone’s menu icons are copied by differentiating design.” Eh, we’re pretty sure that feeling is still there (see the copied icons link above).

In either case, it’s clear that Samsung used iOS as a starting point, so it’s hard to debate that Samsung at least tried to copy elements from Apple’s mobile OS.

We’ve embedded the full document below.


[via AllThingsD]


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