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Are Cell Phones Hazardous to Our Health? One Congressman Wants to Know.

by Brandon Russell | August 7, 2012August 7, 2012 9:00 pm PDT

cell phone radiation

What does smartphone radiation do to the body? That’s what Rep. Dennis Kucinich wants to know. A proposed legislation introduced by the Ohio democrat on Tuesday, dubbed Cell Phone Right to Know Act, would require warning labels alerting consumers of radiation dangers to be placed on devices. (On the device itself, or on the box?)

In addition to the labels, Kucinich’s bill would start a research program aimed at studying cell phone radiation levels, along with requiring the Environmental Protection Agency “to update the standards for specific absorption rate, or SAR, the amount of radio frequency absorbed by the body when using a cell phone,” CNET said.

“While we wait for scientists to sort out the health effects of cell phone radiation, we must allow consumers to have enough information to choose a phone with less radiation,” Kucinich said in a statement. “As long as cell phone users may be at increased risk of cancer or reproductive problems, Americans must have the right to know the radiation levels of cell phones.”

A similar call is being voiced by the Government Accountability Office, which said federal guidelines in the U.S. are lagging being international standards. According to the GAO, the FCC “doesn’t test for devices carried against the body,” meaning radiation exposure could potentially be exceeding dangerous limits.

“We need a full understanding of the long-term impact of mobile phone use on the human body,” Representative Edward Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, said today in an e- mailed statement.

With over 286 million mobile phone subscribers in the U.S., and millions more across the globe, that leaves a lot of potentially exposed individuals. While research hasn’t conclusively found any adverse affects regarding cell phone use, it’s still an issue as more and more consumers around the world go mobile. Let’s hope there’s no correlation between our devices and bad health.

Could you give up your current device if it was found to emit dangerous radiation levels?

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