Unannounced HP Tablet Shows up Yet Again

Not too long ago, we got a glimpse of an unknown HP tablet during the company’s “Make it Matter” commercial. While not much else was revealed from this sighting, it did follow suit with HP CEO Meg Whitman discussing plans to release a Windows 8 tablet in the future.

It appears lightning strikes twice, because the exact same tablet has surfaced yet again. This time a photo of the unannounced slab being used by a medical professional has been spotted on an HP website. Could this be the mysterious “HP Slate 8” we saw a few months back, or just wishful thinking on our part?

Whatever the case may be, we know for sure that HP has a Windows 8 tablet in its pipeline and it appears an unidentified device keeps making cameo appearances in the company’s marketing campaigns. The question is will we have to wait until October 26th or longer to find out what HP has up its sleeve?

[via: Engadget]

Mark Hearn

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