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Alleged Nokia Lumia X Sports a Questionable Design, Swiveling Camera

by Brandon Russell | August 6, 2012August 6, 2012 12:45 pm PST

nokia-lumia-xNokia’s foray into the Windows Phone landscape has returned mixed results. In spite of great hardware and software, the devices haven’t captured the type of fanfare something like the Galaxy S III has, which is a shame considering the quality of the Lumia lineup.

But it seems the company has a secret weapon on deck, something buried deep in a vault among shelves of classified documents and jars of alien corpses: The Lumia X. iPhone. Killer. This will change smartphones forever.

Judging from the screenshot Nokia apparently understands precisely what consumers DON’T want in a smartphone, so naturally it’s taking those ideas and combining them. Like thin phones? Nokia is making the X extra thick. Want a bezel-less screen? How about too much bezel? And rather than going all out for a bigger screen, something Windows Phone 8 will support, the Lumia X is going even smaller.

If you mashed every Lumia device together, and then put a three-year-old in charge of the project, this would be it.

You thought you wanted thinner, bigger, and more functional — something out of the future — but what you really want is something out of a QVC catalog from the early 90s. A device that you’d find onboard the Starship Enterprise.

A source named Johnny “swears” this phone is real and exists in Nokia’s design labs. The company probably hasn’t yet unleashed this design as a courtesy to other manufacturers because of how incredible it is. Look at that swiveling bottom. You can point your camera anywhere!

CNET suggests this could be the first Lumia with PureView tech. If that’s the case, consider the Lumia X your next ultimate smartphone forever. This isn’t even fair to competitors.

[via CNET]

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