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Time to Get Back on the GRID; Details Coming August 8

by Eric Frederiksen | August 5, 2012August 5, 2012 3:00 pm PST

British developer Codemasters announced this weekend the return of its racing series Grid. The above teaser video’s pumping beat, oozing smoke, and spinning tires sport the style Grid fans are used to. Following that is the date, August 8, 2012. In the continuing attempt to see just how much English humans can parse without spaces or punctuation is the Twitter hashtag #TheRaceReturns.

On their official Twitter account, Codemasters posted “This looks… interesting?” with a link to the same video embedded against the Grid logo on The domain is, in fact, registered to Codemasters.

A commanding stake of Codemasters was purchased in 2010 by Indian company Reliance Big Entertainment, and there was mention of a sequel being in development right around then, with no mention of it since. The game’s blend of simulation and action-style racing and slick presentation garnered many positive reviews, and Grid is still the only racing game I’ve played to date that managed to capture the intensity of a one-on-one downhill race.

Look for more information later this week.

[via Twitter]

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