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Microsoft Now Accepting Windows 8 Paid Apps

by Mark Hearn | August 1, 2012August 1, 2012 6:30 pm PST

Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows Store is now accepting Metro-style Windows 8 apps from qualified businesses. In order to submit an app, companies must have a release to manufacturing (RTM) build of Windows 8 and be verified through Microsoft’s registration process.

Starting on August 15th, Microsoft will release the RTM build of Windows 8 to Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) subscribers. Microsoft has added 54 new markets to its catalog offerings and 24 new app certification languages, which raises its total to 38 app submission languages.

Transaction support is now enabled for registered developers who want to produce apps with in-app purchases. Developers using this platform are subject to a base store fee of 30 percent of any revenue earned from any transactions, which is on a par with most application store fees. Microsoft will reduce its store fee to 20 percent for any app that reaches $25,000 in revenue under its transaction platform. This reduction will apply for the lifetime of the app.

In an effort to provide its customers with flexible options, Microsoft will also allow developers to use third-party transaction support for in-app purchases.

It’s great to see Windows 8’s app store taking shape. Microsoft has officially opened the floodgates to businesses and developers and we hope it will have a stockpile of Metro-style apps waiting for eager customers when Windows 8 is released on October 26th.

[via: Microsoft Developer Network Blog]



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