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Bing’s Getting More Social With Facebook Friend Tagging

by Brandon Russell | August 1, 2012August 1, 2012 4:00 am PST

bing-facebook-friend-taggingBing is introducing a new feature that’ll allow users to query their Facebook friends for recommendations when searching the Web. By implementing what is essentially friend tagging, users can quickly receive input from friends when searching doesn’t provide enough information.

When you choose to share a search — let’s say about Surface’s October 26 launch date — a text box will show that you Binged Microsoft’s upcoming tab, along with an option to write a comment or question you have for the friends you tag. So I can ask a question like, “Will the Surface be popular?” and then tag Jon Rettinger and Todd Haselton to get feedback. You can tag up to five friends at a time, Bing said.

It sounds like a pretty cool way to pose questions to friends when searching the Web. Everything today is social, and searching the Web and asking for feedback seems like a natural fit. Questions posed to Facebook friends will show up in your Timeline, so keep that in mind if you decide to give the feature a try.

So will the Surface be popular? I’m tagging all of TechnoBuffalo’s readers for this one.

[via Bing]

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