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Apple Met With Twitter to Discuss Integration, Only “Floated” Idea of an Investment

by Todd Haselton | August 1, 2012August 1, 2012 4:00 pm EST

Apple Twitter Logo

Last spring, several reports surfaced suggesting that Apple was willing to cough up as much as $10 billion to acquire Twitter. That wasn’t ever the case, it turns out, and Apple was primarily interested in working with Twitter on integrating its service into Apple products. The fruits of those labors are now evident in iOS 6 and OS X Mountain Lion.

The Wall Street Journal said Wednesday that Apple had only “floated the idea” of investing Twitter and that even then it “didn’t progress into serious discussions or negotiations.”

So what else are the two companies working together on? Apparently Apple wants to integrate Twitter into iTunes — Apple tried and basically failed to create a social network with iTunes Ping and that social network is reportedly set to close later this year.

I’m not so sure I dig the idea of Twitter integration in iTunes, either. I like Spotify’s method of allowing users to “friend” one another and create combined share lists. It’s already annoying enough to see what my friends are listening to on Facebook — I certainly don’t want that kind of activity occurring in iTunes.

[via The Wall Street Journal]

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