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Twitter Outlines Trust & Safety Policies, Apologizes for Encouraging User Complaint

by Mark Hearn | July 31, 2012July 31, 2012 5:30 pm PDT

Twitter has taken to its official blog to detail its policies related to its decision to suspend the account of journalist Guy Adams. A blog post authored by Twitter’s general counsel, Alex McGillivray states Adams’ tweet that posted the president of NBC Olympics, Gary Zenkel, corporate email address were correctly identified as a violation Twitter’s rules. However, McGillivray states that Twitter should not have encouraged NBC to file a complaint against Adams.

we want to apologize for the part of this story that we did mess up. The team working closely with NBC around our Olympics partnership did proactively identify a Tweet that was in violation of the Twitter Rules and encouraged them to file a support ticket with our Trust and Safety team to report the violation, as has now been reported publicly. Our Trust and Safety team did not know that part of the story and acted on the report as they would any other.

McGillivray further reinforced that Twitter does not “proactively report or remove content on behalf of other users no matter who they are.” He states that such behavior undermines the trust \ Twitter users have in the social network.

Adams’ account has been restored and McGillivray stated that Twitter would work to prevent this type of incident from happening again.

[via: Twitter]




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