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Final Fantasy III Heading to Ouya

by Eric Frederiksen | July 31, 2012July 31, 2012 3:15 pm PST

After the initial excitement of the Ouya announcement and Kickstarter campaign wore off, big questions popped up immediately. The big one, of course, is “What about the games?”

ff3-squareenix-android-2 Final Fantasy 3 for Android

Square Enix has your back, guys. At least, if you’re an RPG fan.

The RPG company announced today that they intend to release Final Fantasy III alongside the Ouya console at its launch next March. They added that it will be optimized for the platform and feature a free demo in line with the system’s free-to-play mandate. Square Enix also told Andriasang that they are looking into the possibility of downloadable content for the game and system.

While this support is good for Ouya, it’s tough to take it as a sign of support. FF3 isn’t what one would call a new game, even if it has received a thorough face-lift. It’s also already out for Android in Google’s Play store, so it’s hard to imagine this being a tough port for them. Finally, Square Enix is notorious for over-pricing their content–even remakes of old games–on mobile platforms, keeping it from reaching as wide an audience as it could.

ff3-squareenix-androidFinal Fantasy 3 for Android

That said, it’s still a game for Ouya and a good one at that. Those who pick up the Rubik’s Cube-sized system next spring will have something to play.

[via Andriasang]

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