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Facebook Introduces “Save for Later,” Which is Basically Instapaper

by Brandon Russell | July 31, 2012July 31, 2012 7:00 pm PST

facebook-save-later-screenshotsFacebook is already blatantly taking ideas for its revamped photos page. So, in that vein, why not further cull features from around the Web by introducing something that’s basically Instapaper?

The new service, dubbed “Save for Later,” has been confirmed — we haven’t seen it rolled out on our accounts — to be rolling out through mobile and The above screenshot basically explains the premise: Posts can be long pressed and saved for later in a favorites folder and accessed across all devices. Simple.

Things on are slightly different. Under every story will be a new “Save” button where you simply click and hoard stuff for later viewing. Saved stories are private, so nobody has to see your back catalogue of Justin Bieber articles.

It’s a natural fit to the platform, and will probably see more than a few Olympic stories saved assuming the feature rolls out to everyone before the ceremonies are over.

Do you see a change to your News Feed?

[via iMore]

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