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Leaked Images Show Off RIM’s 10-inch PlayBook

by Brandon Russell | July 30, 2012July 30, 2012 9:30 am PST

blackberry-playbook-10-inchWhile companies are making the jump into the 7-inch tablet space, RIM is preparing to do the exact opposite, if new images are to be trusted. The company is supposedly lining up a 10-inch PlayBook — pointed out in this roadmap — though its arrival might not be until 2013, around the time BlackBerry 10 finally launches.

As one would expect, the device essentially looks like a bigger version of the current PlayBook. What’s odd, however, is its different screen aspect ratio — more along the lines of 3:2, The Verge suggests. Other possible specs may include a 26.82Whr battery, which is just a pinch higher than the current iPad 2’s cell.

In addition, pictures reveal a SIM card slot, suggesting the device will use cellular data when it hits, presumably LTE. Otherwise, there’s not much else to discern from the photos — price, processor, storage, etc. are still unknown.

If indeed this doesn’t hit until BlackBerry 10 is ready, expect to be in for at least a five month wait assuming RIM’s OS arrives in January. That should be plenty of time, however, for the Waterloo company to really prepare a killer product for consumers.

[via The Verge]

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