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Google Introduces Hangouts to Gmail

by Brandon Russell | July 30, 2012July 30, 2012 11:00 am PST

You don’t have to be a Google+ user to enjoy one of the social network’s best features. Starting today, Google will begin rolling out Hangouts in Gmail, a video chat service that will allow you to get together with a friend through the browser or Android and iOS devices.

Unlike Gmail’s previous video chat tech, Hangouts promises to “deliver higher reliability and enhanced quality,” which is never a bad thing. Unfortunately, if you haven’t yet signed up for Google+, Hangouts in Gmail will be slightly gimped because you won’t get the benefit of being able to chat with up to nine people at once or watch a cat video on YouTube together.

Still, improvements are always welcome. Has the featured rolled out for you? Don’t just bug your friends with a chain email, annoy them through a video chat.

[via Gmail Blog]

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