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20 Percent of Kansas City, Missouri Neighborhoods Have Met Google Fiber Registration Goals

by Mark Hearn | July 30, 2012July 30, 2012 8:30 pm PST

Last week Google opened registration for its high-speed 1Gbps Internet and television services to residents of Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. Within the first two days of open registration, more than 20 percent of eligible residents in Kansas City, Missouri have already reached Google’s targeted goals to install its services.

Things have moving slower for eligible prospects in Kansas City, Kansas, with only three neighborhoods meeting Google’s targeted registration goals thus far.

The current frontrunner in the race to receive Google’s high-speed Internet services is the community of Wornall Homestead, where over 17 percent of have registered for services, almost doubling its goal of 10 percent.

In addition to residential areas, Google has also committed to bringing its services to commercial buildings as well. In hopes of swaying the odds in his favor, Zaarly CEO Bo Fishback is hiring “door-to-door Google Fiber salespeople” to get them knock on his neighbors doors to meet the pre-registration requirements.

In an effort to retain its customer base, local ISP Time Warner is reportedly trying to lock its existing customers into multi-year contracts according to TechCrunch’s tipsters.

Google’s registration closes on September 9th, which leaves hopeful customers with a little over a month to motivate their neighborhoods to sign up. Might we suggest a town hall meeting?

[via: TechCrunch]

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