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Facebook Introduces Redesigned Photos Page With New Mosaic View

facebook-photos-pageFacebook on Monday began rolling out a redesigned look to its Photos page which, um, looks quite a bit like Google+’s photo viewer. Let’s just call this what it is: a copy. Is that such a bad thing?

Facebook has the users, while Google+ has the style. Mark Zuckerberg’s big blue machine has become a hoarded mess of info and advertisements that gets worse with each new feature or slight redesign. It’s good to see an improvement every now and again that doesn’t result in users wanting to rip their hair out.

The new Photos page is basically broken down into three tabs: photos of you, photos you’ve taken and albums. Clicking on a tab, such as “Photos of You,” for example, will show you a grid where Timeline functionality is implemented; you can highlight, like, comment and edit a photo from the viewer.

Expect the update to roll out entirely over the next few weeks, Facebook told The Verge.

[via The Verge]


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