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E3 to Remain in Los Angeles for 3 More Years

by Joey Davidson | July 30, 2012July 30, 2012 11:30 pm PST

The last few years, there’s been a collective, humming buzz about convention goers. The word has always been that E3 might find a new home city.

Supposedly, as it was often whispered, the Electronic Software Association (that’s the collective that puts on E3) was being pushed aside in the Los Angeles Convention Center as the city was about to make space for construction of a brand new sports venue. That meant E3, which sprawls essentially the full length of the current convention center, was set to be squeezed into a single corner.

The ESA started shopping their massive convention around to other major cites. L.A. had to respond. E3 brings the city a ton of revenue, and it’s one of the biggest shows the Los Angeles Convention Center hosts.

They’ve officially done so. While the fate of E3′s locale for the long term might still be up in the air, the ESA has officially announced that E3 will be in Los Angeles for at least the next three years.

2013′s E3 will run from June 11th until June 13th in Los Angeles, California. We’ll be there.

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