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Windows Phone 8 SDK Reveals Screenshot Functionality

by Brandon Russell | July 28, 2012July 28, 2012 11:00 am PST

windows-8-screenshotThere’s a lot to like about Windows Phone 8: NFC support (or Wallet Hub), Nokia Maps, that great new Start Screen and, at long last, screenshot functionality. I know, that’s so a few years ago, but it’s something WP users will unanimously welcome.

The feature was discovered by deep in the Windows Phone 8 SDK that leaked on Friday. It performs in a similar fashion to competing platforms — press the Windows and Camera button simultaneously — but differs slightly from something like iOS. Rather than saving the screenshot in your camera roll, a separate album made specifically for screenshots will be created, ensuring you have a neatly organized experience.

It’s really not the most groundbreaking of features, but it’s necessary nonetheless. Windows Phone’s lack of a screenshot option has been a subject of frustration in the TechnoBuffalo offices, so it’s pretty liberating to hear the simple operation will be available without any workarounds or additional software.

Let’s hope this comes to current WP users as well when Windows Phone 7.8 hits later this year.

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