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Sony Confirms Jelly Bean Definitely Not Coming to Some 2011 Handsets

I think it’s best if we were as straightforward with this as possible. If you own an Xperia Arc S or Xperia Mini Pro, you’re not getting upgraded to Jelly Bean. You’re just not. According to Sony UK’s Facebook page, the company outright said those devices won’t see Jelly Bean in the future. Not now, not ever. To deflect the bad news, Sony asked one inquisitive customers, “Are you interested in any of the current Xperia range?” Perhaps Sony is referring to the Xperia S, which has been approved for ICS, the company said. Unfortunately, the Xperia S’s chances of getting Jelly Bean don’t sound too promising at the moment. “We currently don’t have anything to announce regarding Jelly Bean for the Xperia S,” Sony said. Well, you could always upgrade to something better.

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