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Best Buy: Customers Returned Samsung Tablets, Thought They Were Getting iPads

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

We’re not lawyers, but if a customer thinks he or she is buying an iPad and accidentally buys a Samsung Galaxy-branded tablet, then we can see where Apple is coming from when it argues Samsung created “copy cat” products. We’re also not very judgmental people, but how can you possibly buy a Samsung-branded product and actually think you’re getting an iPad?

In any case, that appears to be exactly what was going on, according to a report from AllThingsD. Court documents in the case between Apple and Samsung have revealed that Best Buy contacted Samsung to note that customers were returning Galaxy Tab devices because they mistakenly thought they had purchased Apple’s iPad. We’re guessing there’s a little bit of a gray area here too, though. It is entirely possible that the customers weren’t satisfied with Samsung’s tablets for one reason or another and decided to return them for an iPad instead.

This isn’t the only juicy bit of news to surface from court documents. Yesterday, images of early Apple iPhone and iPad prototypes popped up, revealing unique designs that were reportedly crafted nearly three years before the first iPhone hit the market. They’re incredible images and worth a look, if you haven’t seen them yet.

The official trial between Apple and Samsung is scheduled to kick off next week on July 30th, and we’re betting we’re going to see additional interesting details about both companies.

[via AllThingsD]

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