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Apple Won’t Be Forced to Publish ‘Samsung Didn’t Copy Us’ Ads Just Yet

A London court has granted Apple’s request to postpone a ruling made by a U.K. judge earlier this month, which will force the Cupertino company to publish adverts that state Samsung did not copy the iPad with its Galaxy Tab devices.

The ruling will now by put on hold until October, when Apple will have chance to appeal the decision.

Earlier this month, U.K. judge Colin Birss sided with Samsung and ruled that the company did not copy Apple’s designs or intellectual property for its Galaxy Tab 10.1. Birss then ordered Apple to publish adverts on its website and in British papers to recant its accusations.

The company was told to link to Birss’s order from all of its European websites for one year, and publish notices in The Financial Times, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, Mobile Magazine, and T3 magazine, “in a font size no smaller than Arial 14 on a page earlier than page 6.”

Unsurprisingly, Apple protested this decision immediately, and said “no company likes to refer to a rival on its website.”

For now at least, Apple is off the hook. It will now have to further argue its case this fall to ensure the ruling is finally put to bed.

[via AllThingsD]

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