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The New York Times Drops Support For its BlackBerry, webOS Apps

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As of Monday, The New York Times discontinued support for its dedicated BlackBerry and webOS applications. The Palm Pre, and webOS in general, have pretty much gone the way of the do-do, and RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones have been struggling to hold a relevant position in today’s smartphone landscape.

“It’s a matter of usage of our apps, and we dedicate our resources where we think there’s the highest level of usage,” New York Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy told Reuters. “We’ve seen a drop-off.”

Ms. Murphy said The New York Times isn’t opposed to making an application for RIM’s forthcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system, which is due to release next year.

Northern Securities analyst Sameet Kanade said that this decision did not surprise him and that it’s time consuming to develop an app that is compatible with multiple BlackBerry devices. However, Kanade said that The New York Times will likely develop a new app once BlackBerry 10 is released.

“Will they come back to it when BlackBerry 10 is launched? My guess would be yes, but time will tell,” he told Reuters.

If you are a BlackBerry or a webOS smartphone owner looking maintain access to content from The New York Times, the publication advises that you visit its mobile website,, which it says offers a more “complete” experience than the now defunct applications.

[via: Reuters, The New York Times]

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