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Despite Double 3DS Sales, Nintendo Reports Operating Loss of $132 Million

Despite doubling its Nintendo 3DS sales during the first quarter, Nintendo has reported an operating loss of ¥10.3 billion (approx. $132 million) for the first quarter of this year — ending on June 30 — in a financial report released by the Japanese company today.

In comparison, Nintendo reported a loss of ¥37.7 billion ($483 million) during the same quarter last year. However, Bloomberg reports that a stronger yen and losses as a result of selling the cut-price Nintendo 3DS all contributed to its first-quarter loss.

Sales fell 9.7% during this quarter to ¥84.8 billion (approx. $1.08 billion), from ¥93.9 billion (approx. $1.2 billion) a year earlier. But 3DS sales doubled during the three-month period, and according to a company spokesman, the handheld will be profitable starting this month.

1.86 million 3DS units were sold during the quarter, up from 710,000 units a year earlier. But things aren’t looking so promising for Nintendo’s older consoles. The DS sold 540,000 units, down from 1.44 million a year earlier. And the Wii sold 710,000 units, down from 1.86 million.

Nintendo is counting on a 37% targeted increase in 3DS sales — which it hopes will be boosted by a focus on digital downloads — plus its upcoming Wii U to help return the company to profit. It also has the Nintendo 3DS XL up its sleeve, of course.

[via Bloomberg]

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