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Vizio’s Co-Star Google TV Set-Top Box Now Available for Pre-Order

by Mark Hearn | July 24, 2012July 24, 2012 7:30 pm PST

Vizio is accepting pre-orders for its $99 Co-Star Google TV set-top box. The modem-sized device provides access to applications and delivers “full screen Web browsing to your existing HDTV without interrupting what you’re watching,” Vizio’s website explains.

It is equipped with two HDMI ports, an Ethernet jack and a USB port. Those aforementioned applications include YouTube, Netflix and the OnLive gaming streaming service.

Vizio is offering free shipping for a limited time and has stated pre-orders will ship on August 14th. If you’ve been debating on giving Google TV a try and you’re working on a strict budget, the Co-Star could be an affordable option worth considering.

[via: The Verge, Vizio]

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