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Quantum Conundrum Puzzle Pack DLC Announced

The first-person, physics-based puzzler from Kim Swift and the folks at Airtight Games, Quantum Conundrum, will be getting two separate packs of DLC in the near future. Announced today through a press release from Square Enix, the game’s publisher, were “The Desmond Debacle” and “IKE-aramba!” packs.

The release detailed the nature of each pack as follows.

About The Desmond Debacle
In The Desmond Debacle, the first puzzle pack, gamers will power up the Inter-Dimensional Shift Device for a brand new adventure deep in an unexplored wing of the labyrinthine Quadwrangle Manor. Old friend Desmond, the drinking bird, offers up even more brain-twisting and complex puzzles for hours of inter-dimensional puzzle solving.

About IKE-aramba!
In IKE-aramba!, the second puzzle pack, gamers are charged with rescue duty once again, but instead of a missing uncle, this time the victim is IKE (Interdimensional Kinetic Entity)! In this all-new adventure, players will have to rescue IKE and leap seemingly endless chasms while traveling through a newly discovered wing of Quadwrangle Manor.

As for release dates and pricing? Here’s the note from Square Enix once more:

The Desmond Debacle will release July 31 on Steam for $2.99; August 14 on PlayStation Network for $2.99; and August 15 for Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network for 240 Microsoft Points. IKE-aramba! will release August 28 on Steam for $2.99; September 11 on PlayStation Network for $2.99; and September 12 for Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 for 240 Microsoft Points. Players who purchased the “Season Pass” option via Steam will receive both of these puzzle packs for free.

Quantum Conundrum launched a few weeks back for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a downloadable title. We reviewed the game, which you can read here. Check screenshots of both DLC packs in the gallery below.

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