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LG Spectrum Owner’s Manual Updated, Now Showing Ice Cream Sandwich

While many smartphone owners often wait for their handset to receive software updates, perhaps people should start looking at the device’s online owners manuals. Case in point, LG has updated its online manual for its Spectrum, which now outlines Ice Cream Sandwich features, such as notification swiping and tasking switching.

By updating its manual, either LG is serious about updating the Spectrum to Ice Cream Sandwich, or someone has jumped the gun. This also leaves us to wonder what exactly is Verizon’s role in applying this update?

Not too long ago an alleged LG employee posted on a support forum that Spectrum’s Ice Cream Sandwich update was ready and awaiting approval from Verizon.

We recently revealed that the Spectrum would be receiving a follow up, but we’re starting to wonder whether Ice Cream Sandwich for the Spectrum or the release of the Spectrum 2 will occur first?


[via: Phandroid, LG]

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