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Conan O’Brien Plays and Rates Minecraft

Anyone involved with game journalism, even peripherally, will end up talking about the nature of the work at some point. What should a review be? Should it be an objective list of bullet points, a recounting of an entirely personal experience? And moreover, who is fit to review a game? Can an RPG fan handle Madden, and vice versa?

Conan O’Brien has the answers to all these questions and more with his ongoing Clueless Gamer series. In this week’s installment, Coco does away with the Kinect sensor and delves into the fan-requested Minecraft.

Conan doesn’t exactly reproduce Winterfell, but let’s just say he “gets it.” Minecraft is all about experimentation, and who better to try it out than a man who can’t tell a controller from a Brookstone back massager? Conan gives some intelligent commentary on the graphics, character designs, and gameplay, and even does a bit of roleplaying.

The most important part of any review, of course, is the score, and Conan doesn’t disappoint with his well-thought-out scoring system and precise final score.

[via TeamCoco]

Eric Frederiksen

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