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Apple Scheduled to Present at Black Hat Conference on July 26

by Brandon Russell | July 24, 2012July 24, 2012 1:00 pm PST

Apple on Thursday will make its first appearance ever at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, an event that focuses primarily on digital security. “Where unknowns can become stars and tech heavyweights are skewered for security failures,” Bloomberg wrote. Sounds fun.

Dallas De Atley, manager of Apple’s platform security team, is slated to speak at the event about the Cupertino company’s security technologies within iOS. Funny how Apple would agree to make an appearance after the in-app purchase debacle. Not only that, but Apple was targeted by a trojan earlier this year that reportedly infected upwards of 600,000 Macs, the first such major pandemic for the company.

Apple’s security team was previously scheduled to speak at the conference back in 2008, but its marketing department allegedly axed the appearance, Bloomberg said.

“Bottom line — no one at Apple speaks without marketing approval,” Trey Ford, Black Hate’s general manager, said. “Apple will be at Black Hat 2012, and marketing is on board.”

By making an appearance on Thursday — both Microsoft and Google representatives have previously presented at the event — Apple is acknowledging its platforms need improvement, while in effect embracing the hacking community at large.

[via Bloomberg]

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