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Apple Claims $2.52B in Damages from Patent Suits with Samsung

Apple vs Samsung - Rock em Sock em Robots

Apple believes Samsung owes it $2.525 billion in damages as a result of its global legal battles with Samsung. The company has been fighting Samsung in various countries, including the United States, Germany, Australia, Japan and the member states of the European Union, among others.

Even though a U.K. judge ruled last week that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab products don’t copy the iPad because they aren’t as “cool,” Apple still says Samsung owes “substantial monetary damages” for “[choosing] to compete by copying Apple.” As a result of the alleged copying, Apple believes that Samsung was able to gain the crown as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, Reuters reported, and pulled in “billions of dollars in profit” at a cost of “500 million” of Apple’s own profits. Apple also said it will pursue a permanent injunction against Samsung’s products, although recent rulings suggest that could be a hard endeavor for the iPhone maker.

Samsung sees the story differently and said it owns technology that Apple used to “become a successful participant in the mobile telecommunications industry.” The two companies will go to trial in the United States on July 30th, Reuters said. Apple is scheduled to report its quarterly earnings after the market closes today, during which we expect to hear more information.

[via Reuters]

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