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Nokia Could Offer Exclusivity on Windows Phone 8 Devices in Europe

Nokia Lumia 900

Nokia is reportedly gearing up to offer several European carriers exclusivity to its upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices, with a promise that revenue will be shared to those who are willing to commit. The Finnish company is said to be in talks with France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom already.

By offering carriers a share of the revenue, it gives them the incentive to push Nokia’s new devices more heavily than it would rival smartphones in retail stores. It will also help to create dedicated support for Nokia’s smartphones, which have traditionally been available through as many channels as possible in Europe.

According to a source for the Financial Times, Nokia is hoping that this will help it achieve a larger market share, and “recreate the excitement around Apple’s exclusive launch of the original iPhone in 2007.”

The deals are yet to be confirmed, and Nokia has not made any comments on the rumor. However, the company has previously offered exclusivity to certain carriers — such as the Lumia 900 with AT&T in the United States — so it is already familiar with this model.

Do you think exclusive deals would be a good move for Nokia?

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