Apple ID Password No Longer Required for Free Apps in iOS 6 Beta

by Brandon Russell | July 23, 2012

apple-id-no-passwordApple’s iOS App Store may be much less insistent that users input their ID credentials in iOS 6. According to one beta tester using the new OS, downloading a free app no longer requires a password. “Yes, finally,” I can hear Apple users saying. Indeed.

With every subsequent beta release, more and more hidden features are being outed by developers. In addition to the possibility of Apple implementing the policy with free apps, the Cupertino company is supposedly making the new “no password” approach standard for app updates and previous purchases.

It’s understandable Apple would take such a detailed procedure to password input, especially with the potential for children to accidentally make in-app purchases. But removing a password requirement for free apps, app updates and previously purchased apps makes the App Store experience much less annoying. Yes, finally.

[via CultOfMac]


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