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Samsung Reportedly Testing Jelly Bean for Galaxy S II

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Samsung’s Galaxy S III may be the company’s new reigning smartphone champion, but that doesn’t mean last year’s model has been left behind. Citing details from an alleged inside source, SamMobile recently reported that Samsung is currently testing an Android 4.1 update for the Galaxy S II.

Samsung has sold more than 27 million units of the Galaxy S II, so the possibility of it receiving Jelly Bean sounds feasible. There’s no doubt that the Galaxy S II’s hardware is capable of supporting Jelly Bean, either, since older devices such as the Nexus S are already receiving an update to Android 4.1.

If Jelly Bean does find its way to the Galaxy S II, we’re hoping that it won’t take too long for the update to trickle down to U.S. carriers. However, considering the delays that we saw with Ice Cream Sandwich, this is probably wishful thinking on our part.

[via: SamMobile]

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