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Facebook’s Acquisition Rampage Continues: “Acrylic” Developers Scooped Up

Acrylic Facebook

Facebook recently acquired iOS developer Acrylic, a Vancouver-based firm that developed popular Mac OS X and iOS applications such as Pulp and Wallet. It’s the third acquisition the company has made recently — Facebook acquired Spool’s mobile team earlier this week and purchased Instagram for $1 billion in April. The company said that its “products and services” have not been acquired by the social network but that there are no further plans to develop Wallet or Pulp. The both are still available for download and purchase, however.

“Facebook is an invaluable service that we all use daily, and a company I believe is one of the most innovative and important around today,” Acrylic designer and engineer Dustin MacDonald said in a blog post Friday. “After visiting late last year, I discovered that we shared many of the same core product design goals and principles, and it soon became obvious that it was a natural fit.”

Details of the acquisition were not immediately available.

[via Acrylic, The Verge]

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