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Triple Dose of Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Trailers

Resident Evil 6 is promising a lot with three different gameplay scenarios. Capcom was unable to choose between pleasing the fans from the clunky controlling PlayStation days or their new fans from the post-Resident Evil 4 world, so instead they opted to just throw elements from every game into a huge pot and create a new game from the bits and scraps. Lots of doubt has been cast on Capcom’s ability to finely balance so many different styles of gameplay, so Capcom’s job over the next few months is to convince fans that they have created a game worthy of the title.

Chris Gameplay – Poisawan Inner Area

Three new trailers from San Diego Comic Con have emerged on the internet, but they don’t do too much to quell any concerns. Two of the three trailers seem merely acceptable in a Resident Evil 5 kind of way. Chris Redfield’s on the hunt for a giant camouflaging snake, but each member of  his squad winds up dead one at a time beforet he survivors are forced to go gun crazy against the giant serpent. Chris Redfield’s scenario will provide the heavy action portions of the game.

Jake Gameplay – Airplane Crash Site

Newcomer Jake’s trailer also comes up a little short as his campaigns struggles to find an identity. Is he action? Is he survival? Is he mostly boss fights? We don’t know yet. This trailer has him crossing over with the other characters to take down a giant beast who moves slowly but can take a lot of punishment and return it ten fold in a single punch.

By far, the best of the three videos goes to Leon. Trapped in a subway and surrounded by flesh-eating zombies, Leon’s only hope of escape is a handy pistol and manipulating the zombies to be hit by oncoming trains while avoid being hit himself. Slow, brooding, limited ammo, disorienting. Resident Evil made its terrifying reputation off these ideas. This Leon guy has a pretty decent record, starring in all the games fans consider to be he best in the series. Maybe that’s why he was rewarded with the most anticipated storyline.

Leon Gameplay – Underground

Which do you prefer? Resident Evil 6 will be released on October 2nd for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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