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Borderlands 2 has 58 Hour Campaign, Gearbox Calls it a Hobby

by Joey Davidson | July 19, 2012July 19, 2012 8:30 am PST

Some video games these days sell millions upon millions of copies on the backside of a four hour campaign. 10 or 15 years ago, this would have been laughable. Gamers demanded value from their titles, and the idea of spending four hours with a game’s storyline before moving on was outlandish. Granted, multiplayer gaming then was nothing like it is today.

Borderlands 2, it seems, will pack plenty of playtime for those who want more out of their campaign experiences. How much playtime? Steve Gibson, VP of Marketing at Gearbox, spoke with Gamerzines about the title’s length.

“Some guide guys just did a playthrough of Borderlands 2 and they reported back to us that it takes 58 hours to play through the campaign – and that’s just one playthrough with one character.”

58 hours! And that’s only for one character! He continues:

“We look at it as a hobby, and that isn’t even counting the new Badass Points system and how that’ll affect every character you do. We want it to feel like you get more for your money. We’re happy for people to pay their money once and feel that they get ongoing value.”

The bit about Borderlands 2 being a hobby is my favorite. Game companies can make long games, it probably isn’t much of a feat to stand up and announce how many hours said game features. However, what is a feat is managing to make all of those hours fun and addictive. If hobbyists play Borderlands 2, and they well, they won’t look at it as a long game. Instead, they’ll look at it as a game big enough to support their hobby.

58 hours for one character is huge, no doubt, but this being a project for hobbyists is even bigger.

Borderlands 2 will launch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on September 18th.

[via Gamerzines]

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