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More Nexus 7 Defects Begin to Surface

by Mark Hearn | July 18, 2012July 18, 2012 4:16 pm PST

Nexus 7 bowing - 1

The Nexus 7 may be the Android tablet that would be king, but to some unlucky customers it’s becoming a bit of a headache. Earlier today we took a look at some of the highlighted defects that Nexus 7 owners are experiencing and it appears that we may have a new issue to add to the list.

One of our readers has shared images of their newly purchased 8GB model Nexus 7, which details a deformed left side. In addition to an oddly shaped chassis, the images also reveal at least one dead pixel. He assured us that he had cleaned the screen and it is not a dust particle and not on the screen itself.  It’s too early to tell if this issue is isolated or if there’s a possible defect with this particular model.

While we know the demand for this device is high, we’re starting to think that Google and ASUS may want to take a closer look at the tablet’s quality control process.

Thanks @drummerpunk921 !

Mark Hearn

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