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HTC Countersues Apple With Patents Purchased From HP

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HTC has filed two counterclaims against Apple in the Southern District of Florida this week, using two patents that were purchased from HP as its weapon against the Cupertino company.

Both patents were acquired back in December 2011. The first covers “installation of network services in an embedded network server,” which, according to HTC, is used by Apple in almost all of its personal computers, smartphones, and “mobile computing devices,” which include the iPad and iPod touch.

The second patent covers a “method and system for central management of a computer network,” which Apple¬†allegedly¬†infringes with its “Apple Remote Desktop, Apple Profile Manager, and/or products and services that use Apple Remote Desktop and Apple Profile Manager.”

According to intellectual property analyst Florian Mueller, who runs FOSS Patents, this is HTC’s attempt to “deny-everything-and-throw-in-the-kitchen-sink.” He believes the Taiwanese company has been seeking opportunities to purchase patents solely for the purpose of countersuits against Apple.

But its ploy isn’t always successful. Mueller reports that HTC was recently dealt a blow by the International Trade Commission, which threw out five of the patents the company had acquired from Google. According to public documents related to the agreement, it appeared HTC had loaned the patents from Google, rather than purchased them.

Mueller feels this gives Apple’s lawyers good reason to look closely at HTC’s agreement with HP over the two patents in question. However, the company may have learned its lesson with Google and followed the proper steps to transfer ownership this time around.

[via The Verge]


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