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Microsoft Provides Small Glimpse into Windows Phone 8 Integration with Office 2013

Yesterday, Microsoft announced Office 2013 but the software giant was somewhat vague on the relationship between its new office suite and its upcoming Windows Phone 8 release. In a blog post today, Partner Group program lead John Jendrezak has pulled back the curtain a bit to give a small look at what we can expect.

Windows Phone will show your recent files, which allows a user to resume where he or she left off when creating or editing a document, spreadsheet or PowerPoint presentation. The focus appears to be on keeping consumers connected to their projects no matter where they are.

With the capabilities that we’ve built into our roaming settings service, we’re able to create new settings that will roam with you across any connected device. For example, Word and PowerPoint make it easy to get right back into your work by remembering where you left off in each document or presentation.  So, if you didn’t have time to finish reviewing an important document before you had to leave work, Word will remember what paragraph you were last reading/editing when you open that document on another machine. PowerPoint remembers the slide you were on so you don’t have to go hunting for that last edit in a long deck. These features extend to your mobile device as well. For example, your Windows Phone will show your recent files for one-touch access while you are on the go.

Microsoft appears to be placing its focus on keeping users connected to its ecosystem at all times. Though this was a bit on the subtle side, we’re definitely looking forward to taking Office for Windows Phone 8 for a spin and seeing how tightly it actually integrates with 2013. Still, we won’t see Office 2013 on the market until next year, and Windows Phone 8 devices are expected to land this fall.

[via: WMPowerUser, Office Next Blog]


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