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Battlefield 4 Coming; Get the Beta with Medal of Honor Warfighter

by Joey Davidson | July 17, 2012July 17, 2012 7:30 am EST

Just like that, EA has its own sequence of yearly military shooters. Activision has their yearly bouts of Call of Duty, and EA now has their yearly bouts of Battlefield next to Medal of Honor.

By pre-ordering the Medal of Honor Warfighter Limited Edition, gamers will have access to the Battlefield 4 beta. The beta hasn’t been detailed in any way, but we do know that it starts in the fall of 2013. The game, we assume, will also come in 2013.

News came of the Battlefield 4 beta (and, thus, Battlefield 4) by way of the Medal of Honor Warfighter multiplayer clip you see at the head of the post. You also probably see EA’s not too inconspicuous strategy.

Medal of Honor didn’t sell too well a few years back. So, by lumping Battlefield 4 beta access in with the next MoH, EA clearly hopes to cushion this edition’s sales.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the main Battlefield series, shall we? Battlefield 1942 (the original) launched in 2002. It was followed by a few offshoots. Battlefield 2 came in 2005, it was also followed by a series of unique originals. Battlefield 3 launched in 2011; it was only followed by DLC, of which we’ve only seen two packs. That’s nine years between three main games. EA, if the new pattern stands, will make it two between each new game.

The spin-offs outside of the main Battlefield line were each unique, something that made this franchise special. The Bad Company brand was a breath of fresh air in the arena of shooters. Battlefield 2142 was so much more than just a futuristic shooter. These games were different. Unfortunately, it looks like they might be going the way of the dodo in the face of yearly sales titans.

Military shooters, whether you like them or not, are moving well beyond saturating the market. Still, I bet the next will sell like hotcakes.

Joey Davidson

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