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Amazon Kindle Phone Mock Ups – What it Might Look Like

by Jon Quach | July 17, 2012July 17, 2012 12:00 pm PST

Amazon Kindle Phone - In Hand

Last week, we gave you some rather handsome mock ups of what the iPad Mini could potentially look like. This week, we present to you the mythical beast that is the “Amazon Kindle Phone.”

Before I attempt any mockup project, I gather as much information and reference images as I can. Unfortunately, the only piece of information on the Amazon Kindle Phone, would be the rumored 4 to 5 inch touch screen.

Amazon Kindle Phone

To construct the body, I analyzed the industrial designs showcased by most if not all the big smartphone players – HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Sony, heck, even Apple. I combined those concepts with the existing body of the Kindle Fire to forge a hand-held, practical and pocket-friendly design that flowed with the Kindle look and feel.

Amazon Kindle Phone - Kindle Family

The UI was another unique challenge. I went along with the assumption that this device would feature the same OS and user interface as the one found on the Kindle Fire. However, Sean Aune, our awesome Editor-in-Chief, brought it to my attention that the device lacked features that would typically be found on phones, such as calling and messaging options. With that in mind, I added a very simple, but still Kindle-esque, dock on the bottom – inspired by some of the docks found on Android.

In addition to adding the dock, I’ve also shaded in the right side of various elements. I felt like shadowing would aid in signifying to the user to swipe or scroll to the left to reveal additional content.

Overall, this project was rather simple and straight-forward. Only time will tell of the things Amazon has in store. But for now, enjoy the mock ups!

Jon Quach

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