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PlayStation 3 Super Slim Shows Its Face Ahead of Rumored Gamescom Launch

PlayStation 3 Super Slim leak

Remember that FCC filing we reported on last week, which revealed Sony could be about to release a new PlayStation 3 “Super Slim”? Well that rumor just got a great deal stronger now that several images of the console have been leaked online.

Dubbed the PlayStation 3 4000, the new machine appears to be smaller and thinner than the PS3 Slim, with a top-loading Blu-ray drive — kind of like the PlayStation 2 Slim — which slides open. The device also loses its smooth finish in favor of a ridged design that seems to be ideal for collecting dust.

PlayStation 3 Super Slim leak sides

The somewhat blurry images were published by Brazilian site Technoblog, and were followed up by the mockup you see below from Neogaf. According to the report, the images were sent in by telecoms regulator Anatel, which received them as part of a Sony filing.

The filing reportedly reveals that the PS3 Super Slim will offer 500GB, 250GB, and 16GB of storage. However, some have suggested that the latter is a typing error, and should be 160GB.

Sony is expected to announce the new PS3 at Gamescom in August.

Although the images aren’t all that clear, they do look pretty convincing — at least to me. What do you think?

[via Pocket-lint]

PlayStation 3 Super Slim mockup

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