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Hawken Already Heading to the Theaters

by Sean P. Aune | July 15, 2012July 15, 2012 11:00 am EST

Are you ready for a movie about nothing more than giant mechs shooting one another? Than get ready for Hawken.

We first started hearing rumblings about an indie game entitled Hawken in March 2011. Since that time information has come out in dribs and drabs, and then things went pretty quiet after two trailers were released in August of that year.  Our own Joey Davidson got some hands-on time with Hawken at E3 this year, and he was pretty pleased with what he saw of the free-to-play game in its current form.  Despite the fact the game doesn’t launch until later this year, over 300,000 users have already registered, so interest definitely appears to be high.

Any time buzz like this happens, it seems inevitable that Hollywood will take notice, and it definitely has.  During a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, it was announced that Scott Waugh, co-director of Act of Valor, has signed on board to direct a Hawken film.  While no other information was announced, it seems this will be a high profile project as Warner Brothers is the studio behind the project.

No timeline for production has been announced, nor have actors or a script writer, but those are such annoying little details when you realize we may someday see sweet mechs battling it out on the big screen.

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