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NYC Repurposes Pay Phones Into Hotspots

by Adriana Lee | July 14, 2012July 14, 2012 7:00 pm PST

Soon New York City residents and travelers to the area will be able to leave their connection worries behind, as plans are in the works for free Wi-Fi from Internet-equipped pay phones.

Provided by Van Wagner Communications, the pilot program will packpay phones with military grade antennas for coverage up to 300 feet away. Ten kiosks will be outfitted with the technology to start, with 13,000 more to come in the coming months. Although Van Wagner is initially footing the bill, plans are to eventually offload the costs to the pay phone companies and/or possibly go the ad-supported route.

It’s good to know that these units can be repurposed for modern uses. Pay phones have become something like relics now, considering society’s reliance on mobile phones. But since they’re still so ubiquitous, it’s kind of neat to know they can be repurposed.

For the list of locations the pilot program is starting with, click here.

(via GigaOm)

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