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Assassin’s Creed III Clip Delivers a 6 Minute Demo of Boston

Prepare to settle in and enjoy six minutes of real-time gameplay footage of Assassin’s Creed III as Connor takes to the streets of Boston, MA.

There’s a lot of information to take in during the six minute video, so fans of the Assassin’s Creed franchise will want to sit tight and pay special attention to the wealth of data. It comes quickly and constantly.

Speaking as a weary fan of the series, the locale, mechanics and feel of the video above actually has me extremely excited for Assassin’s Creed III. I especially love the idea that Connor can run through the interiors of buildings during city traversal.

Are you excited for Assassin’s Creed III? It will launch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on October 31st of this year.

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