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Digg Stops Digging, Gets Purchased by Betaworks for $500,000

by Brandon Russell | July 12, 2012July 12, 2012 3:30 pm PST

diggBack in the days of yore, when our tangible world was being replaced by digital societies and robotic voice assistants, one website reigned supreme over us naive troglodytes. But the empire of Digg, a once great news website that attracted attention from the deepest corners of the Internet, has declined so significantly that it’s merely a peon in the galaxy of Rick Rolls and cat videos.

To get an idea of how popular Digg once was, Google reportedly offered to purchase the website for $200 million in 2008. But it didn’t happen. And today, Thursday, the San Francisco-based company was scooped up for $500,000 by Betaworks with the intention of folding it into, a digital media startup.

What a huge difference four years makes.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “None of Digg’s remaining employees will join Betaworks as part of the acquisition,” which all but lays to rest what was once one of the Internet’s top destinations.

[via WSJ]

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