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T-Mobile Galaxy Note Outed in Facebook Promotion

by Brandon Russell | July 11, 2012July 11, 2012 3:18 pm PST

T-Mobile Galaxy Note on Facebook

Participate in T-Mobile’s “Spin to Win” promotion on Facebook, and you can secure a brand new Galaxy S III. Or a Galaxy Note, which hasn’t been announced yet, so shhh.

It’s been one slip up after the other for T-Mobile. First, we saw a poster with the device clearly visible, and then support documents showed up on the carrier’s website. Now this. The Galaxy Note is at this point the worst kept secret, so T-Mobile should just admit the device is coming and announce a launch date.

Last we heard, the Note for T-Mobile was hitting on August 8, which is less than a month away. Hopefully we’ll hear more official information from T-Mobile soon. We know it’s coming.

[via T-Mobile (Facebook)]

Thanks to Ahmed for the tip.

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