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RIM Granted Patent for Motion-Based Text Stopping Software

by Mark Hearn | July 11, 2012July 11, 2012 6:30 pm PDT

It appears that Research in Motion has been researching motion. The BlackBerry maker was granted a patent that prevents a phone’s user from sending outbound text messages while moving at specific rate of speed. Ironic in so many instances, in order to bypass this text locking software, its user must type in an answer to an onscreen CAPTCHA.

We understand RIM’s heart was in the right place with this idea, but trying to prevent someone from texting by making him or her text doesn’t sound like much of a solution. In RIM’s defense the task of solving a CAPTCHA could be enough to deter the most avid texters, but this approach still sounds very risky.

Keep in mind this is only approval for a patent, meaning there’s no guarantee that RIM plans on using this technology with any of its devices.

Just as other options on mobile devices (e.g., airplane mode, Bluetooth, NFC) we’re assuming this feature would need to be toggled on or off.  Which serious offenders of texting while driving would probably bypass in the first place. What actual good would this feature do if it can be forced off.

[via: Engadget]


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