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Nexus 7 Comes with Magnetic Sensor for Smart Cover-Like Function

Here’s a feature that’ll have Apple lawyers foaming at the mouth: Apparently, Google’s new Nexus 7 comes equipped with functionality similar to that of iPad’s Smart Cover — the accessory that attaches to the tab magnetically and also has the ability to wake/sleep the device.

Discovered by one curious YouTube user by exposing a magnet to the device’s left-hand side, the unannounced feature could very well tease an upcoming smart cover-like case on the way. There are Nexus 7 covers from Google waiting in the wings, but because they have a “coming soon” arrival date attached, it’s hard to know whether or not they’ll take advantage of the tablet’s sensor.

Microsoft announced a similar accessory for its Surface tablets early last month, so seeing another manufacturer introduce the feature isn’t all that shocking. Apple is currently in possession of a patent for its own Smart Cover, but it’s apparently not so broad that it discourages the likes of Google and Microsoft from equipping their tabs with the option.

[via Engadget]

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