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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC This Week, Another Leaked


Now that BioWare is finally done wrapping up the controversial endings to their hit RPG/Shooter Mass Effect 3, they can get to work on something that’s actually constructive. Editor’s note: Considered reworking Ron’s snark; however, decided to leave it because it made me physically chuckle.

The next major DLC, entitled Earth, will be released on July 17th and will bring a few changes to the game’s popular multiplayer. Fans who couldn’t wait for the official announcement have already dug up the content available through the downloadable package, and the news has already hit the internet. Six new N7 Classes are available, each with a new set of abilities, and three new weapons and a Platinum difficulty level will also change up the mayhem. A full list and picture can be found on VG247.

Voice actor Anthony Skordi also step forward and confirmed the existence of a campaign DLC called Leviathan, named after the Reaper Skordi he will be playing. The DLC was already unveiled when fans did a little digging in the game’s code, but Skordi’s announcement is the closest gamers have gotten to an official statement.

BioWare has yet to officially confirm anything about the DLC, but they are expected to do so at San Diego Comic Con this Saturday.

Mass Effect 3 is available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. So far, each of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC packages, Rebellion and Resurgence, have been free, and Earth will likely be the same.

[via VG247 and Eurogamer]

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